Are companies too quick?

So today I saw an advert for a car warranty company. I was curious about how much it would cost for my car so I went onto the website and filed in the short form to get the quote. Thankfully they gave the quote instantly and didn’t do the annoying thing where they e-mail it to you. Companies need to learn that a user goes to a website for a quote, so give them a quote there. Don’t send it somewhere else. Anyway, back to the point. Within 5 minuts of reading the quote on the website my phone rang. It was the warranty company asking if everything was ok. I informed them everything was fine & that I was just comparing quotes & would make a decision soon, which is entirely true.

This got me thinking about the speed of their response to me. The time between me filling in the form online & them calling me. Was it too short? Would there be a benefit to them & to me if they had waited maybe a day or so? Now I will go about my day & probably totally forget about their quote. Bad for me as it may have been the best quote & bad for them as they won’t get the business. If they had left it a few days it would have been a nice reminder for me & also maybe shown that they care about potential customers. It may have also been the reminder that led to them gaining my business. Now it just seems like they are trying to pressure sell. Instantly calling the user as soon as they fill in the form online is like a salesman in a shop walking straight up to you when you first walk through the door. Maybe it also shows that they are not busy, meaning they can call instantly.

In this modern world speed is important. Fast payments, fast websites. Time is money and all that but I do feel certain things are better done a little slower. Adjusting speed for the situation & action may lead to better outcomes.