Scripted Adverts

I listen to quite a few web  & tech related podcasts. I don’t want to mention any specifically but they are all well known shows. Some are on networks, such as 5by5 & TWIT, whilst others are independent. Some of them are sponsored, which I think is great –  these shows take time & have costs (hosting & bandwidth etc) that need to be covered.

Over the past few months there has been one sponsor that has cropped up everywhere, not only on podcasts but in general advertising all over the place. Their podcast adverts have started to annoy me as they are obviously scripted – no matter which show, no matter which presenter or host – it is an identical script that is read out. It is a well written script, but that is all it is. If I had heard it once I may have thought it was an honest recommendation by the presenter, but now I know it isn’t. Not that there is anything wrong with a paid recommendation – that is sponsorship. The issue I have is all the presenters say they use the service, so why do they need a script? Why isn’t the advert unique to each. I don’t think I am the only one listening to this selection of podcasts, so I can’t be the only one to hear the advert over & over again. A broken record (maybe that should be a jumping CD?) springs to mind.

Before I name the company I just want to say that I do really like their service – I recommended them to someone recently & would do so again.

Squarespace. Please stop with the script.  Your service is great. Most people in the industry know it. If they don’t they will hear of it via word of mouth recommendation. Think of other widely used services & products. SASS, Sublime Text, Node.js etc – do any of these have scripted adverts?