Wake Up Better

Bleep bleep bleep ….. bleep bleep bleep …..

You probably hear that every morning when your alarm goes off. That jarring sensation of shock and confusion. Where are you? It is ever so tempting to snooze…..

Bleep bleep bleep ….. bleep bleep bleep …..

Again you are shocked awake by that sound 10 minutes later.

I don’t want to preach about how early I get up but I do want to tell you that 3 years ago I started using a silent alarm & it changed my mornings forever.

Imagine being gently tapped on your wrist to wake up vs being shouted at. You wouldn’t like someone screaming “wake up” at you but that is what you are doing to yourself using an audible alarm. It is called an alarm for a reason – to alarm you and whilst it may be effective, it is not the nicest thing to be awoken by.

I can’t say you won’t be tempted to snooze it but you certainly will prefer being woken up this way. You don’t even need any special hardware.

Got an Apple Watch or Android Wear watch? These have the option for a silent alarm. There are also loads of apps that claim to wake you up at the optimal time. Concerned about battery life? Just change when you charge the watch – maybe put in on charge for an hour before you go to bed to make sure it will last through the night. Put it back on charge in the morning whilst you shower or do your morning routine to make sure it then lasts through the day.

Not got a smartwatch? Most of the Fitbit trackers have a silent alarm feature, as do most of the fitness trackers made by Garmin, Huawei & Xiaomi.

All these online gurus and tutorials sing the praises of how getting up early can increase your productivity, make you healthier & generally change your life for the better. “I can’t get up early as I don’t want to wake my partner” is often given as a reason for why you can’t get up early. With a silent alarm, you won’t disturb anyone……

Give it a go tomorrow morning. You might be surprised by how nice it feels plus that extra time in the morning could really be useful.

Let me know in the comments how it worked for you.