Do not get into the web industry if you are not willing to learn

This industry moves so fast. What is relevant one day is outdated the next. Version 1.0 soon becomes version 6.0 & it’s totally different to the version before it. Design trends change, programming language functions become deprecated & development methodologies evolve.

Whilst taking some time off I got talking to someone who said he could not wait to graduate and get on with his web industry career. He could not wait until he could “stop learning”. My response was “this is not the industry for you”. In this industry you are constantly learning. Things are constantly changing, updating & evolving. To stay current you have to keep learning otherwise you get left behind.

In life do we ever stop learning?

We not longer have teachers, white boards or exercise books which we had in school & university. They have been replaced by wallets, handbags and smartphones. We drink coffee instead of milk at break time. We use words like innovation & are constantly striving to better ourselves. As human beings we question everything.